Butterfly Sky Farms is a small, family run farm which has grown out of rented facilities in Sarsfield Ontario and Gatineau Quebec.  We started up in 2006, we grow year round, and have always specialized in growing microgreen herbs and vegetables.

Our shoots and microgreens are greenhouse grown ( = Canada Food Inspection Agency regulated and inspected).

Our microgreen seeds are selected with care to ensure the best possible tastes and textures.  We don’t use treated seed, always non-GMO. Most of our seed varieties come from Canadian certified organic farms.

We never use herbicides or pesticides.


3 Responses to About

  1. Dr Dan says:

    I have bought your products and I must admit, I am rapidly getting hooked! What great quality and freshness! We needed something like that in the area. Great work!

  2. Tried your wheatgrass, and my! lovely quality – from taste, to blendability. Even with only my handblender, it blended up beautifully the fresh, succulent grass. Would you be willing to see if you can stock it at the Natural Food Pantry in Stittsville/Kanata?

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